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diary Liki Cold Spring in Argao

liki cold spring taloot argao-2

We used to goto Liki Cold Spring to take a dip specially summer time when it’s too hot. Liki Cold Spring is a shy place covered with many trees as you traverse the small narrow trail by foot. It takes 15-20 to reach the spring. It’s not likely to be a tourist spot since the place is not well developed until late 2020’s when people trying to clean and beautify the place.

The best timing to be here is when it’s high tide. Water is deep about over the head and very nice to swim. On other occasions, water is just above knee which is good if you have children with you.


Some people do laundry in the lower part of the area.


No landmark as of yet but when you’re already in the vicinity of the Taloot Wharf (which is more known) or if you are in the Taloot proper where it has a busy people and street then you can ask for where is the Liki Cold Spring.


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