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diary A long weekend adventure turns to be an adventure of a lifetime

A long weekend adventure

Out of town?

It was August when coks and I talked about where would be our next escapade. Since there were several long weekends, we planned to go somewhere out of Cebu. We came up with a plan.. and suddenly revisited some old plans.. a plan a year ago of getting civil wedding.. it didn’t happen because of our hectic schedules. Nobody was available to walk for our papers. I’m a little flexible with my schedule but she doesn’t have the same privilege as I, to take a leave for a day or two. It needs the two of us to be present in some steps of the process.

It’s about time..

What about this time? We have 2 or 3 long weekends? So we’ve diverted our out of town escapade and pushed to process of getting the marriage license. Fortunately, we had a good attorney-adviser and asked for guidance if we can cut short the requirements. Making the story short, we’re getting it in just two weeks! It was September 2nd when we officially got the knot tied together in a marriage ceremony.

We owe an explanation

To our close friends, office mates and relatives that were surprised to hear the news, a bell will be sounded for all of us to gather again.. with God’s permit and blessings. Thanks for your support and warm greetings! Special thanks to those who personally called and messaged. Jokingly quarreled us over the phone for not letting them know, haha! Yeah, we owe you an explanation – “its a long weekend adventure turns to be an adventure of a lifetime!”

Yours truly,

– Peps&Coks


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