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diary Ma’am Procee’s Torta in Dalaguete

maam procees torta dalaguete

We were heading south on Easter Sunday and we passed by into a road near to Dalaguete proper and we see unusual traffic. We’re curious what’s going on.. alas! It’s Ma’am Procee’s Torta, the pride of Dalaguete! Long line of buyers, so we decided to grab some once we go back. Ma’am Procee’s is not only selling Torta but they also have tostado, empanada and more. There is also calamansi juice to choose over from softdrinks.

The Location

Ma’am Procee’s is one of those simplest store we’ve ever seen. You could even hardly see there is a store in there except the small signboard outside. One thing was that, outside were lines of cars, that means, you’re in Ma’am Procee’s place! Or maybe because it was a long weekend, not sure if you go there on other days so you could easily grab pieces of torta. In our case, we patiently waited anyway, the orangey sky is still up.

Ma’am Procee’s in Google Maps

As soon as you exit the Dalaguete proper heading back to the city, there you can find Ma’am Procees’ place.

What else to do in Dalaguete?

Dalaguete is also a home nice white beaches. You may also just want to first dropby at Dalaguete Beach Park or then head on to Obong Cold Spring. Check this out to find out more about Dalaguete.

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