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Mai’s Cravings Cassava Cakes Sweets and Pastries in the South

Mai’s Cravings is a hit few days for bringing local foods more known as “kakanin” to online market. Mai’s cravings offers best seller cassava cakes, mango and avocado floats, ube halaya and more in the same array. They have also customized cakes for all kinds of occasions and special events, from two to three layer cakes down to small boxes and to cup cakes. They’re currently have deliveries for Sibonga and Argao areas. For folks visiting south passing these area, you can have a pick up too, just reserve your orders ahead.

Best Seller Cassava Cake

Cassava cake is their best seller. You may have tasted one from the city but if you want to try something different, we recommend try Mai’s Cravings Cassava Cake.

Customized Cakes

Need a customized cakes for any occasions like birthday party, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions? Two layer to three layer-cakes? Mai’s Cravings has it for you. Char! 🙂

Food Trays

Available for small gatherings. Mai’s Cravings has also food trays available for everyone. Busy people who don’t have time to cook or simply a bakasyonista travelling from the city to Cebu south no longer have to worry about what to eat.

Food trays in Sibonga and Argao

What else are available at Mai’s Cravings?

This is just few of Mai’s Cravings foods and kakanin products we have shortlisted. Cassava Cake, Mango Float, Avocado Float, Ube Halaya, Leche Flan, Sapin-sapin. Other main categories are customized cakes and food trays.

mais cravings


Social Media and Contact

Website: Mai’s Cravings
Facebook: Mai’s Cravings FB Page
Contact: 0923-8582121

Areas Served

Can accommodate deliveries to Simala, Sibonga and Argao areas. Also available for pick up near Simala Barangay Hall or in their place itself. Though road is kinda not good specially when it rains.

The waiting area

Mai’s Cravings provided a little place where customers can sit and relax while waiting for pickup orders. While most of the time, they arrange for time and exact about it, there are occasions wherein a little delay cannot be avoided. A comfortable place is setup.

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Mai’s Cravings Cassava Cakes Sweets and Pastries in the South
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