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diary Mai’s Cravings – Trending Local Foods and Kakanin in the South

mais cravings

Mai’s Cravings is a hit few days from bringing foods more as “kakanin” to online market. Actually it still never a week since opening and writing of this blog. Mai’s cravings have only one or two “items” available to sell in day and those with reservations are accommodate first. One may need to follow the FB Page for announcement of what “kakanin” available next and message them for orders and reservations.

What is “Kakanin”?

Terms such as “kakanin” or natively as bisaya is “pika-pika” are special kind of foods made from different locally available ingredients. Some “kakanin” are difficult to find or atleast available in some places. Some “kakanin” doesn’t last long for several days so making it available to city stores and that have to be consumed almost immediately. “Kakanin’s” also have ingredients somewhat rare to find and some are seasonal.

Available at Mai’s Cravings

This is just few of Mai’s Cravings foods and kakanin products. Please visit and follow her FB page for latest products and availability.

  • Cassave Cake
  • Ube Halaya
  • Biko
  • Mango Float
  • Avocado Float
  • Leche Flan
  • Sapin-sapin
  • and more..

mais cravings

Best Seller

Best seller is the cassava and ube halaya. You must try it! 😉

How to Order?

Simply make a reservation to the FB Page. Those with reservations are catered first, otherwise only if there are extras are served.

Social Media and Contact

Tinda Lokal
My Sugbo
Contact: 0923-8582121

Areas Served

Can accommodate deliveries to Simala, Sibonga and Argao. Also available for pick up near Simala Barangay Hall.

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Mai’s Cravings – Trending Local Foods and Kakanin in the South

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