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diary Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza

mamas choice refreshment parlor-sibonga

Are you Visiting from Mama Mary of Lindogon Sibonga Shrine? Going back to the city in a mid day? Is it hot day or a night to relax and chill? Come and stop by at Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor. It is situated within the vicinity of Sibonga Plaza. It is a small store at the corner but people come and go for their orders. Not so much space inside so you can go out in the Sibonga Plaza itself, relax and breath while waiting for your coolers.

The Prices

What makes Mama’s choice a hit is the price without sacrificing the good taste. It has really a reasonably lower price than one you see in the city. For your Php 200, you already have more than enough to share and cool you throughout the rest of your travel way back to the city.

Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza

Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza


Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza

Mama’s Choice at night

It’s relaxing to be here at Sibonga Plaza, we decided to spend the rest of the time before going back. Go ahead, take your orders outside, sit in the grass and let the time passes by without worrying of your busy life in the city.

That’s it for now, we are about to eat.. yummm! Mangaon ta ninyo mga bai! 🙂

Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza

Mamas Choice Refreshment Parlor in Sibonga Plaza

Just an important tip

Most of the time, they are very occupied, so be patient 😉 and Oh! We are writing up also about the Sibonga Plaza itself, have a quick read about it here.


About Peps

Ag Molde aka Peps like anyone other ordinary being, loves to travel to unwind and refresh oneself from daily routine. While exploring beloved Cebu, he have decided to blog adventures, escapades and thrills for the other's to discover and add to their bucket list. He also help other aspiring bloggers setup their own - dubbed as Technopreneur at Visit my site if you need one.


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