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diary Mango Pizza at The Pitstop Restaurant

the pitstop restaurant sm cebu

Mango on a pizza, pizza mango? Yeah, you read it right.

At first, we just want to go to a well-known cafe in SM Cebu to grab for my favorite yogurt drink. But before we go there, a newly opened pizza store (The Pitstop Restaurant) caught our attention, so without hesitation we went closer to the place to check their menus.

Mango Pizza at The Pitstop Restaurant

There, we found out that their best seller or their food highlight is “Mango Pizza”. At first I doubted if tastes good and to answer all our doubts, we ordered one for ourselves.

After a few minutes of waiting, mango pizza is ready!! yum!…it’s not the typical pizza you’ll gonna taste. Its is just so perfect, all ingredients blended well, the sweetness of mango and the creaminess of chess with refreshing taste of green pepper and mushroom combined with crispy bits of cashew nuts.. whew! That made us order more for a box to take home.


One order of Mango Pizza is 99 pesos (2 slices with free glass of ice tea)


While waiting for our box of mango pizza, we leave a note on the table expressing our satisfaction on their mouthwatering mango pizza.

Aside from mango pizzas, they also have mango ketchup.. yeah mango ketchup, mango bars, mango syrup.. everything mango.



Really a pitstop?

Yes, used car tires as a store theme match with lights and street stripe lanes..




This pitstop?

This pitstop is located inside SM City Cebu, 4th floor, Trade Hall Center side.

Visit The Pitstop Restaurant facebook page here.




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