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diary Mesmerized by the place called Aloguinsan-Day 1

Mesmerized by the place called Aloguinsan

Another long weekend, a time we always look forward to.. and now we are going to explore Aloguinsan. Aloguinsan is a small town, south west of Cebu. It is also a “tuyuon” place unlike most of the towns along the coastal roads where it’s easy to access from public rides. You can get here by personal rides or by vhire (van for hire). There are lots of vhire by the way as another means of transport here in Cebu. One is GTExpress, we’ll cover it in separate article soon.

Going to Aloguinsan is a roller coaster

As you can see in the map, from Cebu City, there are two ways of going to Aloguinsan. We’ve attempted to explore the first one. This is the road beside the Gaisano Grand in Carcar. If you’re a type of traveler who is excited of roller coaster ride, this road is for you. If you would like to take the less bumpy one, take second path, the main road along the rotunda of Carcar going to Mantalungon-Barili.

Mesmerized by the place called Aloguinsan

Reaching the town proper and the Baluarte

It was a tiresome ride and stomach is grumbling out of hunger. Now there’s the market but wait.. crackers would do as we’re excited to climb the sloppy “Baluarte”. No time for break, grabbed the cameras and take pictures. Well.. enjoying the fresh tree breeze and the scenery at same time. There is an entrance fee here but is very minimal, less than 50.

The sun is settling down

We’ve race the sun before it settles down. We don’t booked anywhere to stay, so after “Baluarte”, we hunt for a place to stay. There are few hostels within the town center, but we’ve learned from bystanders that a certain house welcomed guest to their extra rooms. So we approached and talked with the owner. They’re friendly (friendly neighborhood too), nice, clean and big well maintained room. After a small chat with the owner we go upstairs and take rest for the day.

Tomorrow is another day

Can’t wait to see when the sun will up and shine. A list of places to visit is pinned to the wallpaper and definitely Bojo River is one of them.


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