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Mesmerized by the place called Aloguinsan-Day 2

It’s now our 2nd day of staying here in Aloguinsan. The sun shines up first hours in the morning but turned out raining a bit after but it didn’t stop us from going what’s on the list. Second day is exciting as we have more places to visit including Bojo River.

Breakfast at the Merkado

To kick start the morning, coffee first! “Hot coffee americano please..” nah.. just have a sachet of 3 in 1 kopiko gold instead!

We’ve headed on to the merkado after that. It is just near to where we’ve stayed and we already pack things as we want to set out right after having a full meal. It’s early in the morning and so foods were just served “fresh from the oven”. Hot foods served!

The Municipal Hall

At the back of the Merkado is the Municipal Hall. “Baluarte” the one we’ve went yesterday is just also at the back of the Municipal Hall.

The Church

They have wide grounds outside with trees. Locals maintains and cleans the place as part of community service.

Hermit’s Cove

This is the farthest we’ve went to. The road is really stiff going here and the road is very rough at this time.

The overlooking view upon the hermit entrance is really beautiful but we’re a little discourage when we climb down. Nothing’s really extra ordinary down the cove. What you see are bunches of cottages and typical beach sands-not white sands. It’s not a worth to visit at this time (note the date of post) given the struggle of going here. Though we’ve spoke with the people, they say that road construction is in progress with the support of the government and would look better in 2 or 3 years.

The Bojo River

If you goto Hermit’s Cove, means you already passes by Bojo River. It’s the best attraction here in Aloguinsan. We feel relaxed and one with nature as we cruise Bojo River. Please see our dedicated post about Bojo River.

The Farm House

After Bojo River, when you reach back to the highway, Farm House is just nearby. It is located actually along the highway.

Time to head back on

That was tiresome day, but overall, it was a great experience. Back to the house were we’ve stayed and packing things up preparing of going back to the city.

The roadside

Really awesome scenery, can’t help but pull over and take a snapshot. If you remembered our post during day 1, we wen’t here via the 1st route, now in returning back, we took the 2nd route.

That’s it for now guys, see you in our next posts. Hope you enjoyed reading and please don’t forget to hit subscribe.

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