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diary Milk Tea House Sebu Cha Sibonga

sebu cha sibonga

It’s already later afternoon and the sky is darker than normal days since it appears to rain in minute or so but it didn’t prevent us from going to the new Sebu Cha house in Sibonga. We always passes here but never got the time to have a stop not until today. Yes- atlast here we are in Sebu Cha!

Milk Tea.. Milk Tea

We’re looking a bit “isog na milk tea” not only that sweet but a have a kick of a tea. There are several milk tea variety to try in Sebu Cha. We just have started with Hokkaido, Taro Cheese cake and Thai.

Great Ambience

What we really love most about the place is that, it’s great for “tambay” time. Perfect during afternoon siesta and night. Nice landscape and spacious parking area.

Love the Taro!

Almost all drinks have taro’s so personally loving it, but for Sparkle, we’ve requested to remove the taro and other small circle particles in the drinks. 😉


Location is great as it just a long the highway. Located few minutes walk from Sibonga Plaza.

Sebu Cha all around Cebu

SEBU CHA “Cebu Tea” is a locally home-grown brand in Cebu City that offers a wide range of milk tea varieties and original flavorsome on-trend beverages that comes with quality and satisfaction at an affordable price. – quoted from their FB Page.

Sebu Cha is expanding around Cebu. Maybe almost all towns already have one. See also our quick tip Sebu Cha in Catmon.

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