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More Sweetness from SweatCoin

If you have seen our post about SweatCoin health app in 2020 and enroll via our referral link (because it only works by referral atleast during encapsulation period), you should probably have thousands of Sweat Coins right now in your pocket app. Again, you don’t have to put any monetary amount, this is all about encouraging one to have healthy lifestyle and earn every time we move and sweat. Please review our previous article – How about getting paid for just walking how it works. Now we even have more sweetness from SweatCoin as it will open a SWEAT Crypto this summer!

Become an early bird

The countdown has begun. This summer, SweatCoin will launch their very own cryptocurrency. To celebrate, SweatCoin will match the current Sweatcoin you have in your wallet with SWEAT crypto for free. Isn’t that sweet? So if you have thousand balance in your SweatCoin app, you’ll get the same opening balance for SWEAT.

SWEAT, the token

No additional app to download. It is still the same Sweat Coin app you downloaded prior. It is a the cryptocurrency you create with your movement. It is designed to bring more value to your steps.

Real Crypto

You can exchange, trade, send, earn and get rewards with SWEAT just like any other cryptocurrency. You can even use it outside the Sweatcoin app.

1 SWEAT for 1 SweatCoin

During launching this summer, they will match your Sweatcoin balance with same number of SWEAT. It will only happen once! After the launch, your first 5000 steps everyday will create (or “mint”) SWEAT. Minting will get harder and harder overtime (just like Bitcoin).

Grab it today

If you already have the Sweatcoin app, just active the SWEAT inside the app. If you haven’t get one yet, download the android or IOS app here and start sweating. Tips: There are also other means of earning sweatcoins inside the app.

Skeptical about it? – Read this link from Yahoo Finance.

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