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quick guides Alegria Cebu Beaches and Destinations

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Alegria is located on the west side of Cebu opposite to Alcoy or Dalaguete in the east. It can be reach from the city 4-5 hours by bus. There are now several mountain side access roads going to Alegria. Most common by public ride is via Carcar rotunda. Second is the access road in Sibonga near Prince Warehouse and another in Taloot. The other option is round south via Santander.

The Origin of the name “Alegria”

The name Alegria was derived from the Spanish word “alegre” meaning cheerful. A happy occasion sparked the name “Alegria”. The town was long known as Tubod after a sparkling spring (tubod in Cebuano) whose cool waters was the favorite of the townspeople and travelers alike. It was here where a group of Spaniards chanced upon its residents enjoying a festivity amidst hilarious merriment. Amused, the Castillians exclaimed : Que alegre! Que alegre! (How gleeful!) From this rustic revelry, the town earned its name.

Check this out in Alegria

Great places to visit when in Alegria, check this out:

Water Front Beach House Alegria

A clean and quiet place to relax and unwind

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Kawasan French Paradise Alegria

We introduce you to a great Nature Friendly and Pet friendly Resort. Beautiful panoramic view , breathtaking scenery and timeless picture perfect paradise life.

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FAMILY TIME is Fun time at the Beach and Life is so different, Time doesn't move hour to hour but Mood to Moment.

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Abesol Beach Resort Alegria

A great place to relax on holidays

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Sunset Strip Beach Resort Alegria

A strip of summer haven located Southwest of Cebu offering relaxing beach experience and savory food at reasonable rates while embracing precious moments with a golden sunset.

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Alegria Dive Resort

A good and nice place to dive with the marine life

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Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort

Where you can find a growing stone (malunhaw)

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batong malunhaw alegria

Batong Malunhaw Chapel Ruins Alegria

A perfect place for a family vacation and friends to hangout

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D Alegre Traveller’s Inn Alegria

Affordable beachfront accomodation close to Kawasan canyoneering, Oslob whale watching & Mainit Spring. No luxury, just simple living!

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Top picks for Alegria Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Canlaob Falls
Cambais Falls
Cancalanog Falls
Cambusay and Salay Caves
Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort
Tubod Spring
St. Francis Xavier Church built in 1857
The ruins of the Bantayan Sa Hari watchtower

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Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort in Alegria

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort is developed by Municipality of Alegria local government. It is located in Sangi, Alegria Cebu. The place can be easily spotted, just few minutes walk from the highway where you want to dropped off if you […]


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