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Aloguinsan Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Aloguinsan is on the west side of Cebu and is a popular destination due to very well known enchanted Bojo River. Aloguinsan is around 57  kilometers away from the city and is about 2 and half hours bus ride.

The Origin of the name of “Aloguinsan”

Aloguinsan was formerly a barrio of Pinamungajan. However, later in the 18th century, by virtue of the Royal Decree of the king of Spain decreed to make Aloguinsan a town.

Bulwarte, a historic landmark, still stands as a mute testimony to the courage of the early inhabitants of Aloguinsan. Because of the frequent Moro attacks, the natives, under the supervision of the Spaniards, constructed a watchtower on top of a hill at the mouth of a river. From this vantage point, they could see incoming Moro vintas.

Among its historic landmarks, Bulwarte is one of them still standing and symbolizes the courage of the inhabitants to protect the place and its inhabitants against invaders from other regions. The attacks from pirates and kidnappers prompted the Spanish authorities to organize and build this watchtower. This watchtower is built on top of a hill and overlooks the mouth of the river, a suitable vintage point of incoming invaders.

Places to visit in Aloguinsan

Aloguinsan is one of rich in natural wonders in the Cebu Island. Check out below spots for your next stop.

The Baluarte Aloguinsan

A ruin renovated into baywalk park overlooking the ocean

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the baluarte aloguinsan

Bojo River Aloguinsan

Explore and be amazed with the enchanted Bojo River and what it has to offer!

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Hidden White Sand Beach Resort Aloguinsan

Along at the middle of nowhere, here comes the hidden white sand.

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hidden aloguinsan

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