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quick guides Catmon Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Catmon Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Catmon is midway going to northermost town of Cebu which is Daan Bantayan. Catmon Cebu is around 60 kilometers away from the city and is about 2 hour drive. In recent years, Catmon has more known and explored spots for tourist beginning with Esoy Hot Spring, Mt Kapayas.. and many more emerging beaches, pools by the sea and beautiful scenic spots opened for public views.

The Origin of the name “Catmon”

The name Catmon “comes from a tree species that used to grow abundantly in the municipality. Legend has it that when a group of Spaniards came upon some men resting under a big Catmon tree  the leader asked what was the name of the place. Thinking that the Spaniard was asking for the name of the tree (one answered, “Katmon” and so it was that when the town was established in 1835 it was named Catmon.

Katmon in new Philippine coin

Have you seen the new 25 cents? You’ll see at the back is the Katmon flower.

Places to visit in Catmon

More and more beaches are developed in Catmon. Once you’ll approach Catmon, you can see beach signage even beach fronts. Here are some spots to visit in Catmon.

Hinagdan Beach Resort

Inspiring destination within your reach.

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hinagdan binongkalan catmon

MGC Coring’s Beach Resort

Enjoy beach with friends!

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coring bachao catmondaan catmon

Grotto at KM49

Great place for gatherings!

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grotto at km49 panalipan-catmon

Hayahay Beach

Good for family outings, gatherings like birthdays,reunions etc... ammenities includes cotteges, overnight airconditioned rooms ,videoke located in Purok 1 May bato Catmondaan,Catmon,Cebu

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hayahay catmondaan catmon

Black Sand Beach Resort

Drop by for a quick snack here at Black Sand Beach Resort. We also serve milk tea and other drinks to pair with these tasty treats.

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black sand catmon

Catmon Ripples Beach Resort

Exclusive vacation home rental

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catmon ripples beach resort

Agua Villa Beach Front

Celebrate special events with family and friends exclusive at Agua Villa Resort

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agua villa beach front

Catmon Ripples

Welcome to exclusive vacation home rental. If you want celebrations exclusively with Family and Friends.

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catmon ripples beach resort

Bamboo Village

If you like to have a silent vacation on the sea with buatiful nature - you most be go there! Choose from comfortable bungalows and family apartments. We also offer boat trips and snorkeling, boat rental for fishing.

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bamboo village catmon

Majestic View Resort

Feel the nature by the beach in Catmon - Majestic View Resort

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majestic view resort binongkalan catmon

Felicity Beach Resort

Enjoy beach with friends!

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felicity catmondaan catmon


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Top picks for Catmon Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Esoy Hot Spring
Imelda Aroma Waterpark
Mount Kapayas
Hinagdanan Beach
Hunahona Beach Resort & Hotel
Las Flores Beach Resort & Hotel
Imelda Aroma Mountain Paradise
Recuerdo Beach Resort
Catmon Seaside Park
Pahayahay Beach Resort

Our blogs in Catmon Cebu

Please check out our first hand blog in Catmon Cebu. It is fun sharing the places and spots we've been to. Enjoy reading as much as we've enjoyed writing.

Recuerdo Beach Resort in Catmon

Recuerdo Beach Resort is located in northern Cebu in a small town of Catmon. You may have heard somebody says, “Catmon Bag-o” or “Catmon Daan”. Actually there is no Catmon Bag-o, it is just to referring to Catmon town proper […]

Chillaxing experience at Vima Shore in Catmon

Vima was just Vima few years back not until recently, when we headed back north in April we saw Vima has change a lot, now got a big name Vima Shore and has a lot to offer for both locals […]

Budbud Kabog Delicacy in Catmon

There are many varieties of budbud as we know. Few to name are budbud pilit, budbud-moron, budbud kabog and more. These “budbuds” are also masterpieces from different localities like the budbud-moron is from Leyte/Samar. Now, budbud kabog is originated in […]

KM 46 – Ranola Beach Resort in Catmon

I remembered passing through this curvy street in Catmon 8 years ago, there’s not much about this place. It has only those trees with no houses nearby. Little by little, few more years after, we’ve started seeing vehicles parked inside. Later […]

Huna Huna Cliff Resort in Catmon

A week long vacation been granted and it’s a good time to travel long way from south to north. This time, it’s a little bit different because, together with us is a few month old baby Sparkle. We can’t take […]


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