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Danao City, is a 3rd class city in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 136,471 people. Danao City is bordered on the north by the town of Carmen, on the west by the town of Asturias, on the east by the Camotes Sea, and on the south by the town of Compostela.

Danao is northward bound from Metro Cebu and is approximately 33 km from Cebu City. Its distance from Carmen is 8.20 km; from Asturias (via Lugo) is 92.14 km; and from Compostela is 7.80 km.

The Origin of the name of “Danao”

It was told that Danao City got its name during the Spanish Era. A version of this story states that a Spanish Captain by the name of Manuel Aniceto del Rosario was assigned by the early Spanish authorities in the province of Cebu to establish municipalities starting from what is now Danao City towards the northern part of Cebu as far as what is now presently the municipality of Borbon.

When Capt. del Rosario went to the mentioned places to perform his duties, he came upon a few natives who were resting and taking time bathing their carabaos in one of the many lakes in the area. He dismounted from his horse, he took a rest and later had a conversation with the natives. It was said that the captain pointed his forefinger vertically to the ground where they stood and asked the natives the name of the place. The natives then thought that the captain might have been asking about the name of the small lakes where their carabaos were resting. One of the natives replied, “Danawan” which is a Cebuano dialect for a “small lake”.  According to the story, due to the captain’s defective sense of hearing, he only heard and remembered the first two syllables, “Da-naw”. So, that started the early naming of the place as Danao.

Elsalvador Beach Resortelsalvador danao(Photo: fb/ElsalvadorBeachResort)


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Danao City Cebu Beaches and Destinations

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