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quick guides Lapu-Lapu City Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Lapu-lapu City is number one in terms of tourist spots, resorts and beaches here in Cebu. The strength perhaps why more and more establishments are crowding up here is because this is where air transport is located. Lapu-lapu is just adjacent to Cebu City. Two bridges connecting the mainland and Lapu-lapu, Mandaue-Mactan Bridge (old bridge) and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge (new bridge). Third bridge construction underway and will be finished early 2021.

The Origin of the name “Lapu-lapu”

There had been many stories on the origin of Lapu-lapu. One oral account is that the Sugbuanons of Opong (now called Opon) was once ruled by datu named Mangal and later succeeded by his son named Lapulapu, hence the name.

Blue Water Maribago Beach Resortbluewater maribago lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/BluewaterMaribagoBeachResort)

Mactan Newtown Beachmactan newtown lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/MactanNewtownBeach)

Costabella Tropical Beach Resortcostabella tropical lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/CostabellaTropicalBeachResort)

Olango Paradise Island Resortolango lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/OlangoParadiseIslandResort)

Chateau by the Seachateau lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/ChateaubytheSea)

Karancho Beach Housekarancho lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/KaranchoBeachHouse)

Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resortlowaii cebu marine lapu-lapu(Photo: fb/LowaiiCebuMarineBeachResort)

Cebu Ocean Pearl Beach Resortcebu ocean pearl marigodon(Photo: fb/CebuOceanPearlBeachResort,Inc.)


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Lapu-Lapu City Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Island Hopping in Olanggo group of Islands
Lapu-lapu Monument

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