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Malabuyoc Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Malabuyoc is the town opposite to Boljoon on the west side of Cebu. It is 125 kilometers away from the city and is about 4-5 hours long ride. Malabuyoc houses a lot of nice beaches and resorts as well.

The Origin of the name “Malabuyoc”

A popular story goes, Malabuyoc was onceĀ  grew plenty of fruit trees like mangoes, lansones, cacaos, and others. So much that the branches of the trees bent down “buyoc” in Bisaya due to heavy weight. On account of this, the place came to be called Buyoc, in present days, Malabuyoc.

Salering Beachsalering malabuyoc(Photo: fb/SaleringBeach)


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