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Oslob Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Oslob Cebu is 2nd town from the southern most part of Cebu right next to Santander on the east. Oslob recently become tourist attraction due to whale shark watching and even swimming with these whales. There are several tourist spots to go in Oslob why both foreigners and local travelers flock to this renewed town. Oslob is nearly 100 kilometers away and is about 5-6 hours drive from the Cebu City.

The Origin of the name “Oslob”

According to the narrative, a group of Spaniards seen a native couple who were eating boiled bananas under a tree near the shore. The natives dipped (“tuslob”) their bananas in a bowl filled with salt. The Spaniards asked them “What is the name of this place?” the couple answered, “Tuslob!” thinking the Spaniards were asking what they’re doing to the banana. The Spaniards mistook the answer and named the town as “Tuslob,” which, in the passage of time became “Oslob.”

Seafari Resort Oslobseafari oslob(Photo: fb/SeafariResortOslob)

Anglers Hub and Resortanglers oslob(Photo: fb/OslobAnglersHubandResort)

Down South 118down south 118 oslob(Photo: fb/DownSouth118,Oslob,Cebu)

Lagunde Beach Resortlagunde oslob(Photo: fb/LagundeBeachResort)

Lagnason’s Place Resortlagnason's oslob(Photo: fb/Lagnason’sPlaceResort)

Seascape Beach Resortseascape oslob(Photo: fb/SeascapeBeachResort)

Brumini Beds & Beach Resortbrumini beds oslob(Photo: fb/BruminiBeds&BeachResort)

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