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Road Trips and Adventures diary of Peps & Coks and Friends around Cebu

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Let's have a Cebu Tour, shall we?

Here listed all towns and cities of Cebu in alphabetical order. Click the town you are interested for your next trip or vacation. Enjoy!

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diaryNaga Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Naga Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Naga which recently becomes a city is few kilometers away from the Cebu City to the south. It is around 30-45 minutes drive through SRP highway. Naga is progressive and in terms of tourism, Naga proper becomes an attraction due […]

diaryMoalboal Cebu Beaches and Destinations

moalboal cebu municipal plaza

Moalboal is another great town in Southern west side of Cebu for tourist. Moalboal is famous for white sand beaches and great places to relax. Moalboal is said to be the center of diving spots in Cebu as it houses […]

diaryOslob Cebu Beaches and Destinations

oslob cebu beaches and destinations

Oslob Cebu is 2nd town from the southern most part of Cebu right next to Santander on the east. Oslob recently become tourist attraction due to whale shark watching and even swimming with these whales. There are several tourist spots […]

diaryTalisay Cebu Beaches and Destinations

talisay city cebu city hall

Talisay Cebu which is now a city, is the first town going south right next to Cebu City proper, in fact, if you passes through SRP (South Reclamation Project), Talisay New City Hall can be seen along the highway. It […]

diarySan Fernando Cebu Beaches and Destinations

san fernando cebu beaches and destinations

San Fernando, is another town with busy streets. The town proper which is along the national road is a center of trade. Market and establishments are there. Town plaza and the church is just across with each other. San Fernado […]

diarySamboan Cebu Beaches and Destinations

samboan town

Samboan is second town in the west from Santander, the southernmost town of Cebu. It is about 7-8 hour drive from Cebu City and is around hundred fifty kilometers away. Samboan a quite rural place where people are already home […]