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Ronda Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Ronda is next town to Dumanjug if you’re traversing from Cebu City via Carcar Rotunda going to Moalboal. It is on the west and facing the Negros Island. It is 81 kilometers away and about 2 and half hours drive from the city. Cebu is progressing province, nice cemented road can be accessed via Sibonga – Dumanjug and also from Taloot Argao right to Ronda.

Fun Facts about “Ronda”

During the Spanish era native settlements along the river banks were abundant of banana plant called holoyaw. It is thus the original name of Ronda. The Spaniards asked the natives to change the village name from “Holoyaw” to Ronda since the village was flaked by two highlands of Libo-o Hill and Cambun-an Hill a similar site to a place called Ronda in Spain. The chief of the village and his counselors accepted the suggestion and so Ronda became the name of the town.

Welcome to Ronda

The famous signage welcoming you to Ronda!

welcome ronda cebu


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