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San Francisco Cebu Beaches and Destinations

San Francisco is one of the towns in the Camotes Island. You will dis-embark in San Franciso port when you go to Camotes. San Francisco as the first town you’ll see in Camotes is a great place for public and private beaches. There are superb resorts right there in the vicinity of the port.

The Origin of the name “San Francisco”

The place was named “Sulangan” or “Suangan” because of the plentiful “sawong” plants in the surrounding forests in which sticky juices were extracted for lighting houses at night for there was no kerosene before.

The story told that the recent name of the town was taken from a spiritual kind of light that came in the person of Francisco, a saintly local believed to have lived a life of outstanding goodness and possessed the virtues that could not be equaled. After his death, the residents then changed the name Sulangan to San Francisco in his honor.

Check this out, when in San Francisco!

Bano Beach Resort

Relaxing overlooking view at the ocean front

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bano camotes

Camotes Mistula Beach Resort

Camotes Mistula Beach Resort

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camotes mistula

Aizawa Beach Resort

Watching the white fine sands all day long.

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Mangodlong Rock Resort

Fronting the ocean sunrise to sunset

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