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Tabuelan Cebu Beaches and Destinations

Tabuelan is located north west side of Cebu, opposite to Borbon in the east. It is past Danao Cebu and would take 3 and half hour travel from Cebu City. It is about 70 kilometers away. Ceres Bus and Mini Buses are among the PUVs going to this town. They mostly passes here for but their main routes are either San Remigio or Tuburan.

The Origin of the name “Tabuelan”

There are several versions of the the name “Tabuelan” where it got it’s name. In the old days, Batawang River and the locality’s fishing grounds were noted for its plentiful “tabugok,” a kind of octopus. People would refer to this place as “tabugokan” (a native word meaning “the place where tabugok are found”) and through the evolution of words, the place came to be known as Tabuelan.

La Familia Beach Resortla familia tabunok tabuelan(Photo: fb/LaFamiliaBeachResort)

Durhan White Beach Resortdurhan tabuelan(Photo: fb/DurhanWhiteBeachResort)

Maravilla Beach Resortmaravilla tabuelan cebu(Photo: fb/MaravillaBeachResort)

Cebu R Resortcebu r tabuelan(Photo: fb/CEBURResort)

Therrish Beach Resorttherrish tabuelan(Photo: fb/TherrishBeachResort)

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