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diary Night Market in Colon Street Cebu City

Night Market in Colon Street Cebu City

The busy night market streets

Hello Colon Street!! A very business street during day.. turns busier during night. Welcome and have a stroll in Night Market in Colon Street.

During times when night market is opened, all vehicle can’t pass the street and they need re-rerouted. Affected area is from the University of the Visayas just across Gaisano Main Colon to Collonade Mall to the old Metro Gaisano Colon. They’re up from 6pm to 12midnight if weather cooperates.

There are varieties for display, anything you can imagine. Talking about foods, there are barbecue’s, seafoods.. to street finger foods. The food stalls are located from the corner of Gaisano Main Colon up to 138 Mall (in the picture). There are fruit vendors scattered everywhere and are on mobile too! The rest of the displays are clothes, apparels, shoes, toys, bags, watches, jewelries, “burluloys“, pillows, etc, etc, etc. One thing I like most is the two exotic stores displaying native products playing Jamaican songs. Foreigners are flocking here and there, so we are too! =)

Just few friendly tips:

Tip#1: Know how to bargain.. but not to maximum, they’re vending also to earn a living

Tip#2: Don’t just eat anything you like, be careful and be selective.. you can try exotic foods like balut, quail egg, shells, etc

Tip#3: Keep watch of your belongings all the time though there are police assigned every corner and “Barangay Tanods” it is still good to keep safe.

Check out the next schedule:

This is seasonal, if you aim to get here to experience the night market, make sure you check the schedule first. Here it is from Cebu government site.


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