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diary Obong Cold Spring in Dalaguete

obong cold spring in dalaguete cebu

If you’re looking for a beach alternative but not a swimming pool, then probably you would love either waterfalls (by the way, see our blogs on chasing waterfalls) or a spring. There are two main kinds of springs, hot or cold, Obong spring is a cold spring, like icy cold.. brrrr… 

Going to Obong spring

Obong Cold Spring is situated in municipality of Dalaguete going southward of Cebu along east coastal road going to Oslob. If you’re riding a public bus services like Ceres bus lines, you can ask the bus conductor to drop you in Obong Spring. 

Entrance and Other Fees

From the junction, hire a tricycle and tell the driver to get you to Obong Spring, roughly 10 pesos fair. There is an entrance fee of 5 pesos per person and collected before going into the spring location itself. One concern is that, if you’re renting a van or driving your own car, the road narrow and is good only to pass one vehicle at a time. The spring is few meters and at times, there will be vehicles going in opposite directions. The parking area though is quite spacious. Cottages roughly cost about 100-300 pesos.

Obong is a bit crowded at times

Obong spring is one of main attractions in Dalaguete. Many people opt to choose to swim to cold waters specially on hot weather thereby flock to Obong spring for a cold dip. Also, Obong spring is more developed this time than in 2010. It was bare spring and big trees that surronds, now, there are cottages around, food vendors and entertainments like videoke sing-along and etc. 

The parking area side


One additional attraction is the ruined building near the parking area. Behind it is already the sea. I’ve tried goofing around while coks and friends are busy swimming. It has a very good natural mangrove view as well.

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