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diary Ogtong Cave Resort in Santa Fe Bantayan

ogtong cave bantayan island

When you happen to visit the remote island of bantayan, you should not miss to visit Ogtong Cave. It’s not the cave we think is for caving adventure, not a kind of forested or jungle with all kinds of trees. It is situated though in a heart of a beautiful resort in Sta. Fe Bantayan called Ogtong Cave Resort.

Entrance Wall

As if you have to jump over this wall to get inside, haha!

Ogtong Cave Resort in Santa Fe Bantayan

This is guys is so shy to have his pic to appear first ūüėČ


The Landscape

Liked the place.. So green down here.. the shades of trees.. the humming birds.. the blue pool.. the rushing sound of waves of not so distant sea..

Several stops to enjoy like sitting in a swinging chair.. a short nap by the pool.. whew!

Wondering on this day, seems like the place is exclusive for us.. lol!



In the middle of somewhere.. here’s the cave!

Really super clear water. You might want to look again if coks is just standing there? She does and water is waist level. Got a picture as if you are levitating! No joke. Just camera tricks at certain angles.

The cave isn’t big, it can accommodate 10 person at a time. If you move forward, there are area within the cave that’s dark but light of course still visible.¬†There is an artificial light bulb installed on¬†that part.

The Pool

Hmm.. nothing really extra ordinary.. just a typical swimming pool.

Did I mention rushing sound of waves?

Nothing’s really cool than to have your foot feel¬†the sand of the beach, yeah! Since it’s low tide that time,¬†there’s a wider place to stroll. The soft breeze of the wind coming from the sea touching your skin..¬†That wide view of the horizon..


Since there is an entrance, there should be an exit

Lol, just we loved this view..

Ogtong Cave Resort in Santa Fe Bantayan


This is their website: Ogtong Cave

Their facebook page: Ogtong Cave and Sta. Fe Beach Club

Telephone numbers can be found in any of the link above.



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