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diary Oslob Heritage Park – A Beauty Often Missed

Oslob Heritage Park

When everyone flocks to Oslob to dive with the whales or natively called “Butanding”, they often missed to see this simple yet beautiful heritage park in Oslob. This historical location is about 30 minutes or less from the Butanding’s dive site. This place is better seen in actual than by picture. If you still have time after Oslob whale shark adventure (and after visiting Tumalog Falls) we suggest you to dropby into Oslob Heritage Park.

From the highway (going back to the city), you may need to take a left turn going to the seaside. There is a little marker but you should be able to spot it. The first place you might want to explore is the old church.

The Church

Even it is old, the foundation and the walls are still sturdy.

The Park

The best part of going here is the park. It is simply nature beside the sea. Perfect for relaxation even at noon time when sun is at apex and you have to stay under the shades of trees.


Broken structure already. Just this piece standing.



The Cuartel

It’s a big one or two story building built sometime ago but already been destroyed from war. Outer parts where the post foundation, the hard part of a building is still visible and what’s left intact. You can go inside and do the “maze runner” thing like the movie. (A little bit exaggerated though)

Ruined Old Church and Gate Walls

Only what’s left of the old church is this little wall with stylish roof and the tree that grows behind it.


The Sea Wall

Looking a distant place. Here in the sea wall you can have a stroll while looking on the clear blue sea. Grasses are dry because it was summer.

Completing the trip

You can take a look around and take picture in less than an hour 🙂 Enjoy the scene..

For a simple itinerary on going to Oslob, please visit our post on Conquering Oslob


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