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diary Our Lady of Divine Grace Simala

Our Lady of Divine Grace

When we talk about church in the south, it mostly refers to the shrine of the Marian Monks in Lindogon or the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. Did you know that aside from the shrine, there is a small church worth stopping over just you are already in the vicinity of the shrine? This peaceful little church brings the blue and is the only light after the typhon Odette. It was just renovated and finished this year.

The Renovated Church

The newly renovated church is inspired by modern churches and structures. Front is now having a bigger space for parking and other activities. At this time, bell tower is almost done but not yet finished. (If one wants to donate, please go inside the convent when you visit).

The Facade

Surroundings have changed a lot as well. It has cemented ground this time. There are benches outside. Behind it were metal rillings added safety to the church goers who sits in these benches. The place is flooded with solar lights providing great visuals during early night.


Grotto is setup and it adds attraction to the place. Below is a little table where priest can hold a mass if needed to be there. There is also “fishpond” operationally working beneath.

How to get there.

When you goto the Shrine, few meters from the highway, the signage “Our Lady of Divine Grace” can be seen, follow the road going up, there you can see the church and the grotto.

What else to do?

Try to order the best seller cassava cake from Mai’s Cravings. Highly recommended when you visit south. You may have tasted cassava from the city but this one gives you another level of experience.

Check this out also when in Sibonga.

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