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Tara na mag sinulog, Pit Senyor!!


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bibingkahan sa catmon
Bibingkahan sa Catmon
Mango Pizza at The Pitstop Restaurant
Unlimited Sea Foods in Driveway Larangan and Seafoods V. Rama
Sugbo Mercado-The Weekend Food Market

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Ambakan Spring in Catmon
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diaryNewly Loved Premium Tea in Town

Newly Loved Premium Teas in Town

No longer contented with your favorite milk tea? Or want to try and explore something new that taste even better than your usual milk tea? Upgrade to premium variant of milk tea.. introducing the original Cold Brew Thai Milk Tea […]

diaryThe New Ceres Bus Terminal in Simala

The New Ceres Bus Terminal in Simala

The busy streets of Barangay Simala in Sibonga Cebu will never be busier a year or two from now. Indeed, this little barangay is a tourist destination because of the beautiful and miraculous Mama Mary housed in the Simala Shrine. […]

diaryChildren Pool Party in Villa Rammelyn

villa remmelyn garden resort

We were invited to the birthday of first child of a close friend who is already 3 years old. Since he was already 3, the parents wanted it held somewhere like a pool. So after few selections, the party has […]

Singapore RedDoorz Hotel is now in Cebu

Looking for a budget hotel to stay in Cebu for a night or two? The Singapore base RedDoors Hotel Chains which started invading the southeast Asian travel industry that is spreading acrosa the Philippines and now in Cebu is a […]

stoplight cafe

It happens that I have client for a simple website development in Aetorland, before going upstairs you have to relax your nerves. Grab a cup of coffee first and take your moment sipping a good coffee. I thought it’s an […]

driveway larangan

Hello guys, here we are again today looking for not so expensive unlimited sea foods and we’ve landed here in Driveway Larangan and Seafoods which is just nearby to where we’re staying. It is located in V Rama, just few […]

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