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blogging How to setup a 3rd Party URL in Blogger Platform

How to setup a 3rd Party URL in Blogger Platform

We have learn how to create a blog in Blogger in our previous post. Why one should one have to blog? In that article, we’ve mentioned why having a custom domain name for your blog has advantages over free domains. This article provide steps how to setup a 3rd party or custom url for Blogger Platform.

Steps in setting up Blogger to 3rd Party URL

1. Get a Domain from domain name providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, etc.

Tips: There is a little difference between windows or screen for each provider. In our case, we will use Go Daddy.

2. Sign in to blogger.

Select “Settings”, then “Basic”. In this screen, enter the main domain name (url address) you’ve purchased from GoDaddy, in our example it is “”. Take note of the 4th box which we will use later to cross validate ownership of the domain. Hit “Save” at the bottom.



custom url setup blogger

3. Goto your domain name provider, in this case it’s GoDaddy. Login, and your main dashboard will appear. Click “DNS”.

custom url setup blogger


3.a Look for the “Records” section. You will see some parameters already setup there. Click “Add”.

custom url setup blogger

3.b Remember the two parameters above we’ve highlighted in Blogger settings screen? We have to setup it up here. Enter “Type” as CNAME. Copy the “Host” and “Points to” from Blogger screen into this screen below. Hit “Save”.

custom url setup blogger

3.c Do the same for the 2nd parameter we’ve noted from Blogger setup screen earlier.

Tips: The 2nd parameter is generated by Blogger unique for your site so you will see this code different from our sample.

4. Verify that you have successfully added the two parameters by going back to the “Records” section and see that the two parameters are there already.

5. Wait for few hours until your blog in Blogger is successfully mapped to your custom domain name. When successful, you should see your blog contents in your custom URL.

peps blogging services

These are simple steps however it could be tricky sometimes. If it doesn’t work, just repeat and see if something is not missed.

If you need help in setting up 3rd party url from any host provider, just shoot me an email.

Congratulations in your newly owned custom URL!