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Looking for a cheap but quality website design and blog services in the Philippines? Peps Blog Services (PBS) is a good choice. Peps Blogging Services offers end to end services from domain registration, cloud hosting and web page design. PBS also develops custom web page applications.

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For less than ₱ 5,000, you can already have your own custom domain name (1 year), a cloud hosting (per month or quarter) and a 3-pager website. Customization is also available.

📝 More information:

Peps Blogging also offers free advertisement of your business or blog to it’s social media and blogs sites free for 3 months. See more info in their website indicated below.

☎️ Contact and Social Pages:

Contact numbers: (0906-2774894)
Facebook: Peps Blogging Services
Website: Peps Blogging

🕒 Operating hours:

Peps Blogging Services is online, you can contact them 24/7.