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quick guides Cooked and Fresh Seafoods by BUzog’s Seafoods in Catmon

buzogs seafoods catmon

Craving for sea foods? BUzog’s Seafoods in Catmon is the answer. They serve cooked and ready to eat ala carte or bundled in a basket. Lot’s of seafoods and menu to avail from ranging from fish, shrimp, squids, crabs and more. If you”re visiting Catmon soon for a short staycation, BUzog’s Seafoods is a must try online food service. They’ll deliver within the nearby town of Sogod too.

Yummy Seafoods Menu

Here are the yummy seafoods menu, well subject to availability of kind of seafoods on that day

Seafood Basket (Bestseller) P480.00
Calamares (Bestseller) P580.00 per pan
Chili crabs (Bestseller) P480.00 per pan
Shrimp Tempura (Bestseller) P600.00 per pan
Fish Escabetche (Bestseller) P480.00 per pan
Spicy Garlic Shrimp (Bestseller) P480.00 per pan
Adobong Squid P920.00 per pan
Steamed Lambay P750.00 per pan
Steamed Cobao crabs P500.00 per pan
Steamed Scallops P70.00 per kilo
Sinugbang Isda price depends on fish P350.00 per kilo
Baked scallops P250.00 per kilo, P520 per pan
Seafood Bilao P1500.00
Seafood Bilao with belly P2400.00
Sinugbang Squid P900.00 per pan
Fish Kinilaw P400.00 per pan
Seafood veggies salad P550.00 per pan

(Price subject to change without prior notice)

buzogs seafoods catmon

Serving Fresh as well

If you’re a kind and have time to cook, they also delivers fresh uncooked seafoods. Make your favorite dish and own menu from fresh seafoods by BUzog’s Seafoods

Punaw P120.00
Bungkawil P120.00
Aninikad P90.00
Tahong P120.00
Saang P18.00 per piece
Kasag P100.00
Lukot P45.00 per 1/4kg
Lato P100.00
Goso P80.00

(Price subject to change without prior notice)

buzogs seafoods catmon

📝 More information

They deliver within Catmon and Sogod area. If you have chance to go to Catmon market, they’re in stall #14. Please contact their Facebook page below for inquiries.

☎️ Contact and Social Pages:

Phone: (032) 564 2593
Facebook Page: BUzog’s Seafood

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