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quick guides Empanada ba kamo or Not Just Empanadas?

not just empanadas

Empanada ba kamo? Many can do empanada but if you’re craving for unique special empanada in town? Look for Not Just Empanadas! It’s actually the famous Yaya Carings Empanada recreated! Their empanada selection comes in many variants to choose from, ube, cheese, chorizo and more. Aside from empanadas, they have the best ube halaya which we personally tasted and highly recommend. Not just this, they’ve awarded by Sunstar Best of Cebu Empanada category

Best for breakfast!

Flavored empanada, Torta de Argao plus your favorite coffee.. it’s awesome to start your day!

empanada plus torta de argao

💰 Rates and Fees:

Price range from 200 to 280 pesos.
Classic Pork Empanada 200
Tuna Empanada 250
Ube-Cheese Empanada 285
Chorizo Empanada 285
Cuatro (variety of above flavor in a box) 280
(Price changes without prior notice)

🕒 Operating hours:

Mostly they made during weekends. Contact them in any below for availability.

☎️ Contact and Social Pages:

Phone: 0995 471 8843
Facebook Page: Not Just Empanadas

🗺️ Location:

Serving Mandaue and nearby areas.

What else to check nearby?

Empanada ba kamo or Not Just Empanadas?
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