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Enjoy sumptuos grills at Boks Seafoods and Grill Carcar

It’s an extension of Sparkles birthday, after we did some swimming in Porferia on Monday afternoon, stomach is already crunching for food. It’s 6pm also by the way, so it’s perfect for dinner. We seen Boks Grills and now got time to drop by the place. It is located from the access road few meters away from Carcar Public Market.

Front View

Front view is inviting, a bit modern like that of city grill houses. At the back is a little hill and green trees. It’s relaxing going here specially in the afternoon when lime lights are also lighted. Inside, you can pick lots of seafood and grill choices. So far, more complete food stop stuff. Not only grills but also a “sabaw” kind of variety, if you are that kind of person who likes “larang”, “balbacua”, “tinuwa” and more. Our personal favorite and choice is sisig and tuna panga – nothing beats!

The Location

Near Carcar Public Market, access/diversion road going to/from the city.

Additional Info

We’ll, this is the 3rd Boks Seafoods and Grill, one is in Dumanjug, in Danao, then Cacar. If you are into seafoos and grills, we recommended this place.

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