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quick guides Esoy Hot Spring in Catmon

esoy hot spring catmon cebu philippines

Esoy Hot Spring in Catmon is obviously another great spot for a quick hot dip midway to the north. The only thing here is that, you still have to travel by habal-habal for around 30minutes from the nautical highway.

💰 Rates / Fees:

Entrance fee: ₱350 for adults and ₱175 for kids

☎️ Contact and Social Pages

Contact numbers: 0923-553-7427 (Sun) / 0921-813-3296 (Smart) / 0935-988-8306 (Globe)
Social: Esoy Hot Spring Facebook Page

🗺️ Location in Google Map:

Esoy Hot Spring is located few more meters from the highway.

🚗 Getting there:

From the North Bus Terminal, look for mini/bus or Ceres lines passing through Catmon. Bus fare is around ₱85. Ask the driver to drop you off in Catmon for Esoy Hot Spring. Take habal-habal going to “Esoy Hot Spring”, fare is aroud ₱30.

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