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Gastronomic Experience with The Farmer and the Chef

Yes, the best description for The Farmer and the Chef full gourmet catering services. The Farmer and The Chef brings a unique farm-to-table experience in Philippines and proudly Cebu based.

They have their own farm where they grow the produce that goes and prepared fresh into the dishes. The foods are uniquely created with culinary attributes to delight your senses.


the farmer and the chef menu

The Farmer and the Chef is beyond catering services. They care about our health. They have diet options and recommendations offerings. They also offer yoga sessions!

the farmer and the chef menu

☎️Contact and Social Pages:

Landline: (032) 495-5670
Mobile: (63) 916-599-5988
Website: The Farmer and the Chef
Blog: The Farmer and the Chef Blog
Facebook: FarmerxChef

We’re highly recommending to subscribe their blogs and follow their FB Page. They’re have weekly menu, diet and health tips plus sponsored events.

🏠 Location:

Mango Green Village,
A.S. Fortuna Street,
Mandaue City, Cebu

📦 Ordering

Browse the various menu from their site, once you got your choices, you can order it through online or any method convenient for your. You can make online orders or you can directly call them as well.

Enjoy your meal and stay healthy! 😉


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