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quick guides Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center in Cebu

health screen diagnostic

Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center is one of the fast growing laboratory and diagnostic center in Cebu City. They started one center in Cordova and expanded to Cebu City particularly in Lahug. Check below details for location and contact.


They offer several laboratory services ranging from simple CBC, Urinalysis to complex diagnostics. They have services for Blood Chemistry, Microscopy, Hematology, Radiology and more which can be seen here. They also have “packages” which group certain tests for example Hypertension Package, Diabetic Panel Package, Electrolytes Package and more here.

Home Servicing

Take advantage of home servicing! Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic will come to your home or to you office for laboratory services. Can do anywhere in Cebu in all types of laboratory testing, ultrasound, 2d echo, ECG, etc.


As to the pricing, they have reasonable pricing and is closely comparable but lower to leading laboratories and diagnostics.

Franchising Offer

As part of the strategy to cater and serve more locations, they are actively offering for franchise. Look at this clip for more details. Contact them now if interested!

Branches and Contact

Unit 3, Salinas bldg.,
Salinas Drive, Corner Wilson Street,
Lahug Cebu City.

Contact no:
(0945) 684 4760
(0999) 971 2933

G/f Tomaquin bldg.,
Poblacion, Cordova, Cebu

Contact no.:
(0925) 451 7002

☎️ Web Page and Social Pages

Website: Health Screen Diagnostic
Facebook: Health Screen Diagnostic FB Page



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