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Interesting Binaliw Spring in Sogod

Binaliw Spring is an interesting spring located in Sogod, northern part of Cebu and is said to have a healing power from any form of sickness. Locals put up a grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes to attribute the healing capability to supreme being. Believer or not, the most interesting part, is that, body of waters flows towards the sea but portion of Binaliw spring goes up to higher grounds, thus named Binaliw – which means reverse.

💰 Rates / Fees:

You don’t have to shed a penny. It’s public and free.

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Social: Binaliw Spring Sogod Cebu

🗺️ Location in Google Map:
Binaliw Cold Spring is a ten to fifteen minute hike from the nautical highway.

🚗 Getting there:

In North Bus Terminal take any bus that traverses Sogod Cebu. Get off at Sogod Public Market and take a motorbike (habal-habal) for hire to the falls itself. Another option is to tell the bus/van driver to drop you off at Bagatayam Bridge from where you can just walk for a few minutes to the spring.

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