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LeeCa’s Mom Kitchen & Brew Cafe

Anyone looking for a light afternoon snacks? LeeCa’s Mom Kitchen & Brew Cafe has it all for you. From Milktea’s, Smoothes, Frap and anything that cools you down. Should you opt a warm or hot coffee drinks, they also have espresso! Spag, burgers, fries are served here too. They also have rice bowl meals offered if you’re a little bit hungrier.

Simple outside but great inside

LeeCa’s Mom Kitchen & Brew Cafe looks simple outside in the not so crowded street of Rajah Soliman in Argao. You can easily spot the store as it has the logo and front style stands out. It’s far more relaxing when you head on inside. The ambiance is inviting and make you hang a little longer surrounded specially if you’re a plant lover.

leecas mom kitchenette

Operating hours:

Open Hours: Afternoon to evening

Contact and Social Pages:

Facebook Page: LeeCa’s Mom kitchen
Phone: 0917 126 0765


LeeCa’s Mom kitchen is located in Rajah Soliman Street, just a right turn before reaching Prince Hypermart Argao, near Bake My Way.

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