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Lomi ni Bong in Sibonga

Lomi ba ang hanap mo? Diri sa Sibonga, you can find plentiful of mixes but very affordable lomi, grab it from Lomi ni Bong located in the Sibonga boulevard, just behind Sibonga Plaza. Lomi is very special here with lots of ingredients. Serving in a bowl that is big for only 250pesos! The specialty is lomi but there are also several foods arrays served like sisig, fries and more of the likes.

Great ambience during the night

The place is simple but lively during the night with well lighted place and decorations made from different scrap or recycled items and some are vintage collections.

The location

Lomi ni Bong is located in Sibonga boulevard or rather at the seaside part of Sibonga at the back of Sibonga Heritage Park. This is where a ruin wharf were located.

Contact and Social Pages

Facebook Page: Lomi ni Bong

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