27 07

Mini Park for Little People in Argao

There is little park for little people in the middle of rice fields. Yes, the Argao Children’s Park is definitely an addition to the attraction in this place in Don Gil Street visible from the highway pass Argao near the town proper. It is interchangeably named as Don Gil Park Argao. It is not only for children but seen lovers and adults stayed here as well.

This place become popular also for people who go for lunch or dinner in Banong’s Grill. Perfect for group and friends coming up together for dine and relaxing rice field scenery.

💰 Rates / Fees:

This is open for public so feel free to roam around.

🕒 Operating hours:

They’re open all the time but there’s curfew for night hours.

🚗 Getting there:

You can disembark from the highway (few meters from town proper) then you can start walking in Don Gil street. The scenery is superb so you’ll just enjoy strolling.

🚲 What’s Nearby:

Argao Nature Park – to be updated with our post, stay tuned 😉
Banong’s Grill – A barbecue and grilling station.
DOH Argao – actually, you can pass through here if you’re going to the new facility.
Mahayahay Beach Resort – few more meters ahead is the Mahayahay Beach Resort.


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