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quick guides Native Chicken in Nora’s Food Park Catmon

noras food park catmon cebu

Bisayang manok or native chicken is somewhat abundant in Catmon. There are couple of stores in Catmon we’ve known so far serving native chickens. One of these which just recently opened is Nora’s Food Park in Laplaya part of Catmon. Aside from native chicken specialty, they also serve yummy seafood and pork menu. They’re along the road, so can easily be spotted.

💰 Rates / Fees:

This is open for public so feel free to roam around.

⏱ Operating hours:

Open Hours  6:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Sunday


They’re in La Playa, Catmon, Cebu few meters northward from Duko-Duko and Las Flores Country Beachside Hotel. See also Duko-Duko in Argao.

☎️Contact and Social Pages:

Facebook Page: Nora’s Food Park
Phone: 0926 400 7854

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Of course, don’t forget to bring home the bibingka of Catmon.