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quick guides On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams in Florida USA

On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams

Are you in Florida USA? Are you looking for drivers license? Are you looking for DOT physicals? Look no more. On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams is a Florida base provider of Department of Transportations (DOT) certifications. Main advantage is that, they have online filing of forms and if you have difficulty, they have friendly folks who will assist in filing of forms. What’s a plus, is that optionally, they come to your place or wherever you are. They provide certifications in less than no minute.

🔔Services Provided:

Primary Care Services – Ensuring that you maintain good health and in good condition for driving.

Online Form MCSA-5875 – Easy and convenient online form. Fill it out online and we will print it at your appointment.

Assist on filling out online forms or via phone – Filling out forms is tedious and redundant. We are making this easy for you. Fill out form online or in person. Call if you need help on the computer.

Urine Drug Test – Administer Urine Drug Testing for Pre employment physicals

Suboxone Therapy – We help find ways to relieve withdrawal symptoms of opiate/drug addiction and help continued sobriety through our Suboxone Program

☎️ Contact and Social Pages:

Phone: 386-241-0274
Fax: 386-241-0275
Facebook: On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams
Website: On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams

🏠 Location:

Primary care of Orange City
135 E Minnesota Ave
Orange City, Volusia County, FL 32763

🗺️ Location in Google Maps:

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On the Spot Mobile DOT Medical Exams in Florida USA
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