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Original Catmon Torta – Torta Og Uban Pa

There are many versions of Torta even counting Cebu base itself. In northern Cebu town of Catmon, there is another Torta Maker. One of best kind of Torta differentiated from others. The store name is Torta Og Uban Pa. Aside from torta product, “Uban Pa” means toasted pastillas, oatmeal cookies, real tablea cookies and cake bars in various flavors like mango, pineapple and ube. They have leche flan and halo-halo. Baked bread like ube, cinnamon rolls, pineapple and chocolate rolls. What we’ve grabbed last time was two boxes of torta and halo-halo.

A Quote from the Owner

“We are a very small bakery in the northern part of Cebu, specializing in our home-made TORTA. we also bake cakes, cake bars, cookies and cupcakes. Our torta recipe has been around for three generations. It started with my grandfather’s sister, Lola Nens, then it got adapted by my mom, Armida, and now I, Annelise bake the small round cakes daily. 😀 It’s very different from the popular Argao torta (Torta of the South). You’ll have to taste it to find out just how different. 😀 We are the Torta of the North!”

(Search for “Torta” in our site to see what else have Torta specialty in Cebu) 😉

The Location

Torta Og Uban Pa is easy to spot, they are located few meters before the town center and plaza. If you are going to north, their store is on the right.

torta sa catmon og uban pa

Location in Google Map:

Torta Og Uban Pa is located in 659 National Road, Catmon, Catmon, Philippines, 6006.

Operating hours:

9AM to 6PM on Mondays to Sundays

Contact and Social Pages

Contact numbers: 0917 620 6940
Facebook Page: Torta Og Uban Pa

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