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Pektos Sizzling Plato inside Grub Hub Anjo World

It’s about 8pm, late night already after having fun in Anjo World, we’re so hungry already and have to grab food. Here we found stalls inside Grub Hub. Found my favorite sisig and it’s not just ordinary sisig, it’s Pektos Pampanga Sisig! Without double thought, grabbed a serving but since it’s late evening already, they are running out of rice. We have to look some other stalls for rice but they run out also. Luckily the owner give us “dukot” but it’s not yet very “dukot” about 3 cups, that’s plenty, huh! Due to hungriness, we consumed all of it! Burp! Did we mention they don’t want us to pay for the rice? Thank you very much Pekto’s Sizzling Plato!

Pektos Sizzling Plato

This is one of the best sisig we have tasted and would highly recommend it. They have several variations of sisig like sisig mixed with egg, pulutan and more. Aside from sisig, they also have sizzling sweat soy chicken, sizzling burger steak, sizzling liempo and sizzling hungarian sausage.

⏱ Operating hours:

Open Hours: 10am- 8pm


Pekto’s Sizzling Plato have many carts, stalls and food across the country. This one we get into is inside Grub Hub in Anjo World Minglanilla.

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Pektos Sizzling Plato inside Grub Hub Anjo World
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