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Pizza Amelia in Catmon

The staff is courteous and friendly. The setting is charming, with a natural style that encourages you to relax and dine. The location features a wonderful wood chair and table that does not irritate the customer. They provide excellent service, and the personnel is quite accommodating.

Rates / Fees:

The price for their menu starts at 140 pesos to 350 pesos



Ham and Pineapple

Bacon Lovers

Mushroom and Cheese

Amelia’s Best

Garden Fresh

Ham and Cheese

Beef and Mushroom

Teriyaki Chicken

Choco Butter Dessert Pizza

Spicy Hungarian

Spicy Lovers

Pizza Supreme

Cheese Mania

Tuna Pizza


Hotdog Pizza

Garlic Chicken

Basic Special

Ebi tempura


Chicken Wings


French Fries

⏱ Operating hours:

Open Hours: Monday – Sunday : 9:30am – 9:00pm



They are located near Yamaha 3s barangay San Jose, Catmon, Cebu.

☎️Contact and Social Pages:

Facebook Page: Pizza Amelia
Phone: 0915 859 7221

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