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Red Spoon in Danao

The Foods are fresh, new, and also street food specials. An expression that refers to food is “feast”. a new experience I’m on a JOURNEY. Beautiful and delightful things are what we are looking for in life. a culinary world-wide adventure. Food is a form of self-expression. Both conformities to standards and conventionality are not required at all times. We can always be flexible and open to new ideas.
As the journey of a thousand spoons begins, Why not join us for dinner?

💰 Rates / Fees:

Price for their menu starts at 25 pesos to 85 pesos

🍔 Menu

Take-out Menu
Ginabot Combo
Lumpia Taugi
Special lamaw Meal
Adobo lamaw Meal
Chorizo lamaw Meal
Regular lamaw Meal

⏱ Operating hours:

Open Hours : Thursday-Sunday 12:00pm-8:30pm

📝 More information

💳 Accepts Cash



They are located at Duterte Street, Danao City, Cebu

☎️Contact and Social Pages:

Facebook Page: Red Spoon
Phone: 0977 819 7365

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