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SeaSalt Cafe in Catmon

Looking for a place where near the beach? SeaSalt Cafe is a suitable place to eat while looking at the sea meets the sky. A windy type, typical calming sounds of waves and the breeze of the air that surrounds near the SeaSalt Cafe. Enjoying the view while eating alone or talking to talking to some friends. It is a perfect place to relax and unwind, have a cool atmosphere with chill vibes, and most especially, they’re pet friendly. You can bring your pets as long as you want to but always clean the waste of your pets before leaving. Highly recommended to everyone and most especially to thalassophiles.


💰¬†Rates / Fees:

Price for their menu starts at 20 pesos to 145 pesos

🍔 Menu

🍹 Fresh Fruit Shakes
Coffee and Tea
Brewed Coffee
Coffee press
Flat white
Signature Hibiscus Tea
🥤 Iced Juice and Tea
Iced Citron Tea
🥧 Pastries
Banana Loaf- Slice
Banana Load- Whole
🥘 Rice Meals
Tapa rice with egg
Spam rice with egg
Cornbeef rice with egg
Chorizo rice with egg
Longganisa rice with egg
Humba rice with egg
Lamaw bowls with Chicharon
Extra Siomai
😋 Quick Eats
French Fries
Street Food Platter
Cup Noodles
🧉 Drinks and Beers
Softdrinks 80Z
Softdrinks litro
Redshorse litro
San Miguel Grande
San Miguel Pilsen
San Miguel Lights
Nature Spring 500ml
Nature Spring 1L
Nature Spring 4L

⏱¬†Operating hours:

Open Hours : Monday-Sunday 6:00am-7:00pm



They are located at KM49, Catmondaan, Catmon, Cebu.

☎️ Contact and Social Pages:

Facebook Page: SeaSalt Cafe

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