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Recuerdo Beach Resort in Catmon

Recuerdo Beach Resort is located in northern Cebu in a small town of Catmon. You may have heard somebody says, “Catmon Bag-o” or “Catmon Daan”. Actually there is no Catmon Bag-o, it is just to referring to Catmon town proper or “lungsod” but there is actually a barrio called Catmon Daan.

Update 8.20.2021: Recuerdo is now name to Tyche Beach Resort

The location

Recuerdo Beach Resort is situated in Catmon Daan. If you were from the city, Catmon Daan come first then after 10min or so, you’ll reach Catmon proper. If you still go few more minutes further you’ll be in Northsky Beach Resort.

Getting here

Going here is pretty easy, take a ride from north bus terminal, you can ride a Ceres Bus Lines or you can take a mini bus. It is about 51 kilometers from the city and will take about 2-hour ride. From the highway you can spot Recuerdo Beach Resort signboard, drop in there. If you go by personal ride, there is also a parking area inside. The parking is not that big like it can accommodate 6 cars, others will be parked beside the highway.

Nice landscape

There are nicely shaped pavements with not so tall coconut trees along the sides, a bermuda and some variety of small plants.


The cottages are basically made from bamboos and nipa tops.

Beach Shoreline

The shoreline is a bit long maybe around 800 meters. It was low tide when these pictures below were taken. You can see the sands and the pebbles in it.

Then there’s my happy nails.. ready to jump (as if too high!)

A little fun on top of the big rock will do for the day. Absolutely no jumping at the moment! 🙂


Of course we have to enjoy the day and end up sundown. Still got more shots..

It’s a great day and we still have fun even when the sun sets and getting dark.

Peps & Coks & Chowie

Accommodation and Services

Day Rate (6:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Entrance fee php 5.00/person
Half cottage- php 200.00
Whole cottage- php 400.00

Overnight Rate (6:00 pm to 6:00 am)

Entrance fee php 10.00
Half cottage- php 250.00
Whole cottage- 500.00

Parking fees:

Php 20.00/ vehicle
Php 10.00/ motorcycle

For reservation and inquiries:

You may reach Recuerdo Beach Resort at their landline below:


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    Posted December 27, 2018 8:33 am 0Likes

    gud pm mam..pwede magpa reserve mam karung december 29 mam.

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    Peps & Coks

    Posted December 27, 2018 12:44 pm 0Likes

    hello mam Enen, please try to contact them through their landline. We just happen to visit Recuerdo and blog about them 🙂

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