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diary Sands Gateway in Danao City Cebu

sands gateway danao city cebu

Danao is a big City in Cebu and continually expanding. One advantage in Danao is the co-location of church, plaza and municipal hall inherited from Spanish era kind of a setup and you can visibly see these along the high-way when you travel northbound. Aside from the port going to Camotes Island, there is Sands Gateway a new an attraction and a landmark.

Fully loaded

Sands Gateway look small from the bus ride but if you make a stop and explore this place, it is bigger than what you initially think. It competes with average malls in Cebu City where it has a drive thru Jollibee, several foods and restaurants like Hukad, Isla Sugbo, Chicken Deli, Fuel Fusion Kitchen + Bar,  Orange Brutus and lots of food stalls inside.

Sands Gateway in Danao City Cebu


The back side

We circled at the back, from there, you can sit by the sea wall and enjoy the see view for a moment. Boats going to Camotes were dancing with the waves as it waits for the passengers or simply resting night awaiting for the first trip dawn of the following day. Another goodies at the back are small prints of famous marks of the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower, Taj Mahal, Liberty and several few more.

Sands Gateway in Danao City Cebu

That’s it for the quick stop

Sands Gateway is perfect for stop over if you’re visiting northern most part of Cebu like Bogo and Bantayan Island since Danao City is almost halfway north. This could be your first stop over to stretch your back for few more hours of long way drive. 

What else is in Danao?

There are several awesome beaches in Danao like Coco Palms and Intosan to name few and best for adventures and rides – the Eco Adventure Park Danasan.


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