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diary Short Trip to Amazing Dalaguete

amazing dalaguete short trip

It’s a long weekend of April, people as always, go out of town to celebrate Easter. This time since the pandemic break out, people are advised to stay home are very eager to finally go outside. It’s Easter Sunday actually and by this time beaches and resorts are full but due to pandemic people tend to keep distances and stay away from the crowed. (Ahem! hope you do!)

Quick Trip to Dalaguete

We’re supposed to go further south but we’re stuck in Dalaguete Plaza. It changed a lot since we came there so decided to stay, besides, we have to go back before dark. Dalaguete has very wide reclamation in our estimate similar in square area that of Naga. Nice landscape, benches arranged in rows in paved pathways. Big playground where children came in bikes and skater shoes.

amazing dalaguete short trip

“Pitik sa Dalaguete”

I  thought at first the group near the “I love Dalaguete” sign are riders taking pictures but when I got nearer, they’re a bunch of folks with nice DSLR camera’s! First time I’ve seen solid photography club like there are 30 of them. “Pitik” is a term used to quickly capture a picture. We’ve heard that they stayed there every Sundays taking pictures of passersby.

A refreshing place for riders

If you’re traveling round south, Dalaguete Plaza is nice place for stop over. Aside from relaxing seaside view, the shades of trees are cooling as well. If you’re hungry and nothing in the pocket, bunch of food stores with variety of displays to choose from. Get relax before your next long ride. We’ll few kilometers more, you’ll reach Sibonga, another place you might consider pulling over.

Dalaguete Delicacy!

Take home the famous Maam Procees Delicacies of Dalaguete! Check this out.

What else do we have in Dalaguete?

Short Trip to Amazing Dalaguete
Obong Cold Spring in Dalaguete
Ma’am Procee’s Torta in Dalaguete


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